Core Values

  1. We trust totally in God and therefore strongly believe that only He can produce fruits out of our efforts and actions. Only He can provide all the resources required in the ministry of MIK.
  2. The Bible has the central position in all our official work.
  3. We publish books for all denominations.
  4. We aim that our books be instrumental in bringing the Good News of salvation to lost souls.
  5. Every book carries a Christian message in some form or other.
  6. All publications are geared towards Christian growth.
  7. We aim to reach the Urdu speaking community in Pakistan and beyond through our books.
  8. We seek to be creative and innovative in publication and distribution.
  9. We stand with the Church in its task of outreach and edification.
  10. We publish books that contribute to nation building.
  11. None of our books are anti-state or anti-Islam.
  12. None of our books promote sectarianism or prejudice against other religions.
  13. We seek to facilitate indigenous writing.