Bikhre khwab

بکھرے خواب

مسز ایوب کے ضمیر کو کونسا تاریک راز کھائی جا رہا ہے؟ وہ اپنی بہووں کی زندگی اجیرن کرنے پر کیوں تلی ہوئی ہے؟  ازدواجی تعلقات کے مسائل کا حل در پردہ انجیل کے اصولوں میں پیش کیا گیا ہے ۔ مسیحیوں اور غیر مسیحیوں کے لیے یکساں موزو۔

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Shattered Dreams:


What is the dark secret from the past eating at Mrs. Ayub’s conscience? Why is she determined to make the lives of her daughter-in-law a misery? Find the answer in the lively, suspense-packed story. Many of the common problems faced in marriage in this culture are highlighted, especially the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and its far-reaching effects. In an unobtrusive manner, the author weaves helpful biblical teaching into the fabric of the story. It is suitable for Christian and non-Christain, both men and women.

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